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For now, this is mostly copy-pasta from Livejournal. It'll be more Dreamwidth-ified as I get more acclimated here ...


Listen as fast as you can.

I laugh, I feel
I make believe it's real
I fall, I freeze
I pray down on my knees
I hope, I stand
I take it like I man
I try as hard as I can

A bio about me?


I'm a graduate of Butler University, a writer by instinct, a workaholic at heart, and I don't do anything for anyone unless it will somehow benefit me in the long run. I'm selfish and conceited, except when I mostly hate myself and encourage others to do the same because, hey, then we've got something in common. Officially I work full-time as the evening circulation assistant at a university library, I work part-time at a generally well-known retail store for body and home fragrance products, and I am taking grad school classes to earn my MLS so I can be a real librarian and stop having to correct people who currently refer to me as one. I am also a Livejournal Posting Wench (tm), dubbed so by my good friend and LJ BFF 4-Eva! [ profile] negativefish, and once upon a time [ profile] cindyfox26 dedicated an entire post to me, "because it is she who has taught me the art of epic LJ posting. ;)". And that is all you need to know.

Like anyone really learns anything from reading profiles. That's what the journal is for.

The truth is nobody here is as stupid or evil as I let on.
Except me.

* The views and opinions expressed in this blog are those of [personal profile] sonadora9 and do not necessarily represent the views and opinions of any employer she has currently or has had in the past. Yes, she did just put a disclaimer on her blog. Yes, apparently this is what the world has come to. No, she has not been threatened with legal action; she is simply aware of the sad state of affairs.

** I like making new friends, so if you think we've got something in common, go ahead and add me -- chances are that I'll have added you back within a couple days, at which point you can proceed with the regretting-your-decision step of the process. :)

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