Date: 2010-10-07 10:23 am (UTC)
travelingmonkey: Chimp w/ glasses (Default)
Hi there! So, I'm here because I saw this comment, and it made me laugh, so I wandered over to your page to check out the author. Are you looking for any new friends here? If so, that comment alone is enough for me to add you, LOL, but we have some interests in common, too. ^_^

Also, I read your intro post here, and can relate to the experience. I made my first online diary on OD in 2002 also, but FOD, not TOD, lol. I wasn't even aware of TOD until a long time later, and I wasn't a teen anyway. =P But yeah, I was on there for 3-4 yrs, until it sank, and then I fled to Bloop, and was there for 3 yrs, until it sank, and then I did a half-hearted LJ thing on and off for a bit for the past 3 yrs (I know those times add up later than 2010 haha, but there was some overlap each time, ya know, just like you had), and now I got this one like a month ago. Honestly, I love it here way more than I ever cared about LJ, it's just a different vibe here. BUT that's beside the point. =P Point was, I've had similar experiences, and I know what it's like to jump ship from a place you considered home, and climb aboard some other new ship you saw, and have to find your way around it and try to meet new people to spend your time with and whatnot. It's never fun leaving the old one behind, but it is nice to find new friends at the new one! ^^
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